Who am I ?

I'm Daphnée a French software dev located in Netherlands. My initial formation is human biology, but I fell in love with silicon based life. During my career I've programmed for lab, pharma, food industry and tech. I'm a jack of all trades and programmed professionaly in various languages, led a small team, self hosted productions applications, monitored them and managed projects to fruition.

You can contact me at daphnee.portheault@protonmail.com .

You can read an interview I gave here.

My side projects

When I have free time, I like to mess around with small projects to challenge myself, often to complement my gaming hobbies. Most of those projects are available on my github.

Below is a list of my current side projects:

  • One Notif, a service to update me only once a day, written in Golang. It is not finished but you can check it out there.
  • A DRPG Dice Based dungeon crawler (currently in beta, there is around two hour of gameplay). I talk about it regularly on the blog. I’m about to open my steam page for it.

Below is a list of finished side projects:

  • A Full Dungeon Crawler made in 9 days [2024]. Available on itch.io here
  • A Puzzle bobble clone made in 10 days [2024]. Available on itch.io here
  • A Low Poly House in Blender [2023]. I wrote about it here.
  • A Full Dungeon Crawler made in a 7 day Game Jam [2023]. Available on itch.io here.
  • A Dungeon Crawler Prototype made in Godot [2023]. Available on itch.io here.
  • A VN entirely made with AI [2023]. I talk about it on this blog here.
  • A VN Engine and a scripting language made in Godot. Two posts can be found here and here. [2022]
  • KikiFeedService a RSS Feed Aggregator programmed in Golang. Finished and available here [2022]
  • An Interactive Cursed City (boardgame) character sheet as a React Single Page application. [2021]
  • 3 Keys on the Run, the winning entry for PyDis 2020 Game Jam in Python. I wrote an article about it here.
  • Minesweeper an implementation of Minesweeper in Python. I made a tutorial on this blog here.

Some noteworthy side project, mostly learning materials:

  • Boardgame roulette Website (to master flask at the time) [2020]
  • Magic cards analyser, some GUI app in Python/tkinter (sigh). I wrote an article about it here. [2018]